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I was so happy with the waste removal they did that I recommended them to my mum. These guys are the best, no doubt about it. Great rubbish removal company.

I had already rented out our family home, but the new tenants decided to move a little bit earlier than we had agreed. Because we had left some junk in the basement and garage, I had to look for a quick remedy to that. The company came in handy, leaving the basement and garage awesomely clean. The tenants were so happy.

Have to praise the junk clearance service done by Waste Removal Services South Kensington as it was carried out swiftly at a bargain cost.

We looked options to get waste collection help, found Rubbish Clearance South Kensington and they took care of it all.

It was an excellent waste disposal service. I'm very pleased with everything that took place with Waste Removal Services South Kensington.

Rubbish Clearance South Kensington offer an exceptional service, a really lovely team and the best value house clearance I've seen anywhere.

Took ages to decide on who to hire for my waste collection; chose Rubbish Clearance Company South Kensington based on a recommendation from a friend, and I can say it was a very good choice indeed. Thanks for your help!

The builders were done and the place was an utter mess. I called a friend and he gave me the number of Waste Recycling South Kensington . I contacted them and they gave me an awesome quote for builders waste removal which then got carried out by a team of the friendliest collectors I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Very happy with the company, will make sure to recommend them whenever I can!

The level of professionalism displayed by Rubbish Clearance South Kensington today was staggering. They had a whole mound of garden waste to take care of as well as multiple sheds to take down and they did so very quickly and without any fuss. To say that I'm pleased with the results would be a bit of an understatement!

It was an absolute pleasure doing business with Rubbish Clearance Company South Kensington the other week. I had no qualms about leaving them in my property to carry out my attic clearance task. They proved to be very trustworthy, were amiable and most importantly, very hard working and professional and provided an all-round top-notch service.

It's not common that I'll rush to my computer to write reviews but RubbishClearanceSouthKensington deserve it. I wanted everyone to know about the fantastic job they did for me. They did all the work and didn't drop, scratch, knock anything over or cause any other problems. They helped me clear my home without fuss and I'm sure they can do it for you too.

Rubbish Clearance South Kensington are a great company for rubbish and waste removal services. I've used their service twice now and I've been impressed both times. Their low prices are ideal for me, and I was also really happy with the attention to detail that was given. I'd recommend this company over and over again!

I'm definitely guilty of using my loft to store junk. Instead of actually sorting things out I would just chuck it all up there and forget about it. However, there ended up being so much stuff up there that I didn't want that there was no space to store the stuff I did want. The loft clearance service from Rubbish Clearance Company South Kensington was the perfect solution to my problem. In just a couple of hours I had a great loft space that I could actually get proper use out of.

Getting to the end of your tenancy in a flat or rented house is a pretty stressful time, and we wanted a clearance service that we knew were going to be reliable. Between me and my housemates, there was a lot of junk and clutter built up, which made things even worse! One of my friends told me about Rubbish Clearance South Kensington, making a point about how fast they get the job done. We weren't disappointed! They sent over a friendly team who got everything clean well in time for the landlord's final inspection. Thanks a lot!

The way their crew handle things and go about their business is a sight to behold. From the minute I contacted their customer service to the crew that turned up on the day, I just knew that I'd made the right choice. They were all very friendly and efficient and had no problems clearing away the mounds of junk that were cluttering up my back garden. If you're looking for a team to remove your junk and rubbish, whatever it may be or however much you may have, I recommend you give Waste Recycling South Kensington a call.

RubbishClearanceSouthKensington provided an excellent loft clearance service. They cleared it out in under an hour and had all the junk taken away. They make a difficult job simple, and most importantly, safe.

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